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NAME: andy berry


PLACE: bolton

DATE: 03.12.98

MESSAGE: andy from skem says a big hello to all the ex mr m's stompers ..... keep on keepin on


NAME: Stewart Richasrds


PLACE: york uk

DATE: 23 11 98

MESSAGE: soul as deep as you like it and then some


NAME: Andrew Wetton


PLACE: Singapore

DATE: 8-11-98

MESSAGE: In about 1971 I went for the first time to The Torch in Tunstall mainly because I’d been soul mad as a young teenager and I read about it in Blues & Soul magazine as ’the’ soul club. I knew so little about it that on my 1st visit to The Torch (embarrasingly) I was inapporpriately dressed as I went in a suit!! A lot of people must have guessed it was my first time. I carried on going occasionally to The Torch and then after it closed later to all dayers at The Top Rank at Hanley, then to Blackpool Mecca and finally like everyone to Wigan Casino. However I only went to Wigan for 2 years from 1973 to 1975 as after that I moved to London then overseas and have been away from the UK for 20 years . I’m amazed at all the interest still in Northern Soul..... I used to go a lot with my brother and some friends - also went to The Catacombs in Wolverhampton but found it a bit dingy. My favourite records were: Cry Your Eyes Out - Dottie Cambridge (this is one I hardly ever hear mentioned on favourite lists & it was never mentioned in the Wigan Casino book nor in any of the documentaries) I think I first heard it at The Torch? Can anyone else remeber this record. I bought it for about 20p in a 2nd hand record shop in Coventry when it was quite big on the scene. An early favourite was PP Arnold’s " Everything’s Gonna be Alright" This was one of those that made your heart skip a little beat every time it played in the early days. The later as the scene developed I got to really like " It Reall Hurts me Girl" The Carstairs althoug I still associate it more with The Mecca than I do Wigan. I’m sure I heard this more at The Mecca? I wish more people would write to this page and contribute their memories.


Name:    Kolla Rosie
Place: Camden, London
Date: 1st November 1998

Message: Brilliant new site -  Nice way to recover on a sunday evening after another hard weekend of all-nighters.

NAME: Andrew Wetton


PLACE: Singapore

DATE: 5/11/98 - Bonfire Night

MESSAGE: Apart from all those Poms in Australia, am I the farthest flung Northern Soul fan on the planet. I started going to The Torch in about 71 then graduated to Wigan via Blackpool Mecca (Highland Room) & the all dayers run by Chris Burton at Top Rank Hanley. It’s a funny thing but in all the fuss about ’Wigan’ I hardly ever hear anyone talk about The Torch or about the all-dayers at the Top Rank at Hanley which were excellent and yet they’re hardly ever!! Sorry, I must be very old, well I’m 46 now.... What ever happened to Frank Elson who wrote the B&S " Check out the North" column? I was mentioned in thee once..... sad claim I know, who wasn’t mentioned?? Hi to everyone who ever made it to Tunstall (The Torch) Blackpool Mecca, & of course Wigan.... Thanks to Rob Moss from Coventry, my introduction to soul & hi to my brother Nick Wetton and Rob & Val Loughrey from Hinckley, great northern soul fans all....keep the faith. Andy Wetton


NAME: John Ponomarenko


PLACE: Jersey (C.I.)

DATE: 25th. September 1998

MESSAGE: This is one great site. Even a chatline for those nights I can’t sleep. Northern Soul is still alive and well.


NAME: Paul C


PLACE: Coventry/St Helens/everywhere

DATE: 250226Sep98

MESSAGE: Brillient site Mick, nice to see the flyers I sent. Want any more or photo’s? Got a flyer for the Samanther’s Revival, next one is in Dec. Great to be back on line, at last! JB


NAME: Tim France


PLACE: Blackpool

DATE: 20 Sep 98

MESSAGE: really had a good time in here best night on net thanks


NAME: Stuart Moore


PLACE: 2 miles from Wigan

DATE: 18 Sept 98

MESSAGE: Born to late for the casino, but pass the site most days just to wonder! Great site by the way, the pics are good to.


NAME: Alan Gibbons


PLACE: Kings Lynn

DATE: 14th September 1998

MESSAGE: Hello, I’m a Northern Soul fan from Kings Lynn just newly signed onto the net. Brilliant website, really enjoyed my visit. Will definitely visit again soon. Look forward to hearing from any other fans out there. Keep up the good work.


NAME: Adrian


PLACE: perth australia

DATE: 12/09/98

MESSAGE: keep up the good work love to browse the site, the northern seen down here getting stronger every month, hear from you soon Adrian


NAME: mick taylor

EMAIL: brush

PLACE: canada

DATE: sept 10 98



NAME: Tony


PLACE: Manchester

DATE: 05/09/98

MESSAGE: Well I’m still aching like crazy from Sunday. The night started around 8.30pm at a Ritz warm up bash at JO JO’s in Oldham, about 10 miles from Manchester. People were there from all over the North West, and as far as Southampton consisting of old faces, very old faces, plus I’m pleased to say new ones. We stayed there until about 11.00pm getting psyched up listening to some real music, not the crap you’re forced to swallow on the radio. We parked the cars next to the Ritz and started to join the queue chatting about all sorts - football, cars, beer, work old scooter run stories, telling jokes and laughing unless it was one of Billy’s. Anyway within 30 - 40 minutes were in, wrestling our money through the cashiers slot, through the double swing door’s and AHHH...... Northern Soul at 150mph and loud enough to make your ears bleed. Well, the night went quickly as it always seems to do, (to me) and the excellent line up of jocks played out of their skins totally satisfying around 1200 hungry souls. Even with the present ever busy Northern Soul scene in the North West of England, I along thousands of others will always go hungry, but then again I don’t want a belly full. In reply to your question "do I know you." Probably not as I’ve never been to OZ. Unless of course you’ve been here and graced our danced floors...... If you haven’t you should. Anyway I’m off now so take care, and of course "KEEP THE FAITH" Tony


NAME: Heidi Renken


PLACE: Seoul, Korea

DATE: September 3,1998

MESSAGE: What a great place to visit!





DATE: 31-18-98



NAME: Gordon Carson

EMAIL: Not on the NET yet!

PLACE: Warrington Cheshire UK

DATE: 26 8 98

MESSAGE: This is the first time I have surfed the net I am on holiday (sorry, Vacation!)in the USA at my step son’s house in Indianapolis. He showed me how to use this box of tricks. WOW what a suprise I got when I typed in NORTHERN SOUL and pressed the search key. I am 44 years old and cannot believe the scene is still going strong. Used to go to Wigan The Mecca, Torch and other local venues around my home town of Ormskirk. Lancs. Still love the music today and still get the hairs standing on the back of my neck when I hear a good old stompper. Keep up the good work. When I'm on the net in the not-too-distant future, I’ll be logging on for sure.


NAME: John hardman


PLACE: Johannesburg

DATE: 16 Aug 98

MESSAGE: Hello, love the site, if there’s any soulies in joburg give me bell. Rachel Harman congralulations on passing your degree enjoy the graduation. Always remember i love you very much so take care...Keep on keeping on.


NAME: Carmen


PLACE: Edinburgh Scotland

DATE: 15 August 1998

MESSAGE: Hello, I’m 26 years of age and I’ve recently moved from London to Edinburgh. I’ve yet to discover a Northern Soul Scene in Edinburgh, is there one? I would be really grateful if anybody could point me in the right direction. Thanks
PS: Mick this is an excellent website, I’m still finding my way around.


NAME: Nello Cotugno


PLACE: Cleveland, Ohio USA

DATE: 8/7/98

MESSAGE: hey y’all from the US. I’m 36 and I always told my mates we would be shuffling around the dance floor with our walking sticks when we got old-looks like it’s going to happen!!I’m from Loughborough (Leics.)now living in Cleveland (home of Lou Ragland). Great page Mick-just keeps getting better. Used to got to All-Niters/dayers in the Midlands ca. 1976-78-especially Notts. Palais All-Dayers, Britannia Rowing Club, Derby Tiffs, Matlock All-Dayers etc. Used to be absolutely mad about Soul Sam and Searling.After 20 years in the US just can’t seem to shake the N. Soul habit. I can still do the "Cool off" like no-one else. Anyone know Robin Salter (Middlesborough)-give him a shout for me. If anyone’s got a N. Soul night going anywhere in the Eastern US/Canada let me know or just E-mail me if you want to chat about the Scene in general.


NAME: Julian Jones


PLACE: Cannington Somerset

DATE: 05/08/98

MESSAGE: 44 years of age and still getting tingles up the spine from the sound Brilliant site more power to your key board never mind the chalkies Pete what about the blues?





DATE: 4/8/98



NAME: Matt J


PLACE: Reading (UK)

DATE: 3/8/98

MESSAGE: My name is Matt I’m 25 - a youngster. I’ve been into Northern soul since I was 16 and have been DJing for the last two years - check out my posting ’young blood’ in the BAR. I hope to be restarting my Northern soul / jazzfunk night in Reading or maybe London. Anyone interested get in touch.


NAME: Granville Hall


PLACE: Brighouse, West Yorkshire

DATE: 29-07-98

MESSAGE: Keep up the good work, brings back happy memories


NAME: Mark " Coylely" Coyle


PLACE: Nottingham, UK Soulville

DATE: 21st July

MESSAGE: ‘Ey up Soulies. Still stomping are yer? Come on in to KTF. Let’s go baby...where the action is. Quick double clap and backdrop. " Gonna make me love you...." You got to beakout of this whole sick scene....Breakaway!! Who mentioned ferrets?


NAME: Pete


PLACE: Hastings

DATE: July 15th

MESSAGE: Has anyone got any chalkies?


NAME: kylie


PLACE: sydney

DATE: 1 July 1998

MESSAGE: As you know I regularly enjoy this site for some late night music - it’s superb.


NAME: John Oswick


PLACE: Flat 4,One Merchant st Australia 2048

DATE: 26.6.98

MESSAGE: Really enjoyed the site,Im trying to track down a track by Johnny Caswell " you dont love me anymore" I dont know my email im new to this I will be back Thank you soul bros & sisters


NAME: Merten Kaatz


PLACE: Celle/Germany

DATE: 21-06-98

MESSAGE: Hello Mick! Congratulations to your site, looks very, very good! By the way, I’m looking for: the sweet things - I’m in a world of trouble on Columbia. If anybody can help me, please let me know.


NAME: Simon Cuerden


PLACE: Germany

DATE: 22 jun 1998

MESSAGE: Hi this is the first time on the net for me thank’s to my mates computer. Can’t get over these memories. If any one whant’s to drop me a line either by using this (thank’s Jock, I will be on line soon I promise) or by writing (find my address from " Manifesto" Keep all the stuff. Simon


NAME: Silke Koennecke


PLACE: Frankfurt / Germany

DATE: 19.06.1998

MESSAGE: Hello Soulies, Cleethorpes was great, but the weather wasn't so good as the last years ( I think many people got a cold after jumping in the pool on Sunday-night ;-)) Now its Time to give you the date about our 6th Northern & Rare Soul Weekender its from the 11th -13th December 1998 in Nuernberg / South-Germany regular Djs : Michael Fuchs, Ralf Mehnert (they had a spot in Cleethorpes on Saturday afternoon), Peter Honigmann Guest DJs : Keith Minshull (S-o-T), Dave Rimmer (Dudley), John Mills (Bolton) For more information : Turnin your heartbeat up - Soul Events Frankfurt Silke Koennecke Triftstr. 12 60528 Frankfurt am Main / Germany Tel : 49 69 673402 e-mail : Greetings to Dave & Sharon from Doncaster, Viv & John from Bolton (nice sunglasses, Viv) Graham and Liz (thank you again for the viaduct-CD, I like it very much)....hope to see you all in Nuernberg again in December.. Hey Mick....its only 500 Km from Monchengladbach to Nuernberg ;-)) Silke


NAME: Eric Rogers


PLACE: Barrow - in - Furness

DATE: 14th June 98

MESSAGE: Hello to everybody who went to Cleethorpes this year. Al Wilson’s performance did not match that of Maxine Brown but it was great to be in the same room as the guy. I’m toying with the idea of going to Fleetwood in Sept but am reluctant to line the pockets of opportunists. In November I’m booked onto Eddie’s Teneriffe holiday for soulies & am looking forward more to that.


NAME: Ben & Katie Blackburn



DATE: May 17 1998

MESSAGE: Just found your site in the early hours of the morning and have been listening to "sounds" and surfing the links since. We are two Oldies going back to Twisted Wheel, The Torch, Blackpool Mecca, The Pendulum (Manchester) and helped instigate Burnley Cricket club venues (katie was the only driver!!!). We still keep in touch with the crowd back in Burnley and try and catch a venue when we get back. Keep The Faith.


NAME: Keith Dean


PLACE: Warrington

DATE: 2 may 98

MESSAGE: Hi Mick, I have followed Northern since 1970 when I lived in Blackpool. Used to frequent the Highland Room, Casino, Torch, Spinning Wheel! In 1974 joined the RAF and did a Northern Disco at RAF Finningley with a fellow northerner ’Nigel’...are you out there mate?? Keep the faith. Am now 42 years young and still listening!!! See ya soon. Keith (Deano).


NAME: Adrian J Folley


PLACE: Geneva

DATE: 08.05.98

MESSAGE: I just surfed on in. Nice to see that there are still some people interested in Northern Soul. I was in the scene in the late 70s. In Burnley where I used to live it was quite big.


NAME: Brenton "Soulbrother" Smith


PLACE: Brixton London

DATE: 30/4/98

MESSAGE: Keep keeping on, what are the alternatives?


NAME: dawn williams


PLACE: Wales

DATE: 25/04/98

MESSAGE: Hi, I wonder if you remember the song called " the queen of fool’s" cya dawn


NAME: Stewart Richards



DATE: 13/4/98

MESSAGE: Hi!  its good to see that Northen Soul is still alive and kicking. If any of you fellow soul freaks are looking for some real classic soul, look no further, I still have most of my original collection, So, if there is a record you’re looking for, I could have it. I won’t sell it but if you twist my arm I may copy it to tape for you My collection started in the late 60s with visits to The Twisted Wheel, Top Ten, Bin Lid, String of Beads, Boulervard, Heartbeat, Junction, Torch, Blackpool Mecca, Wigan Casino, Va Va and not forgetting the Central Leeds.....Keep the Faith Stewart


NAME: Lester

EMAIL: lester.gallagher@which net

PLACE: Skelmersdale

DATE: 14.4.98

MESSAGE: Came on the net first time last night, found this site couldn’t believe it! X Wigan man, lived for it and never missed a night (hardly) in five years. Can anybody please answer me a problem that’s drove me nuts for years. Is there a record called (Stronger than me/Rufus Lumley Night Time Shadows/ Theodore Lightfoot)one of Sams. Keep on Keepin’ on.


NAME: Silke


PLACE: Frankfurt/Germany

DATE: 07.04.1998

MESSAGE: Hi, I want to send greetings to Graham & Liz from Golborne and Viv & John from Bolton, hope to see you in Cleethorpes in June. Did somebody know something about the Soul-Week in November on Teneriffa/Spain. Where is it and what Date in Nov 98 Please mail me if somebody know something like they wrote in Manifesto magazine. Thanx & keep the Faith Silke


NAME: Stephen Smith ‘Smithy’


PLACE: worthing U.K.

DATE: 270398

MESSAGE: great site rekindled very old memories keep up the great work


NAME: Robert Rosenberg


PLACE: New Jersey, USA

DATE: 24 Mar 98

MESSAGE: I collect rare video of 60’s and early70’s soul music. I can only tape in NTSC format. If interested, please contact me for more information. Bob


NAME: Carole Jackson


PLACE: Dewsbury, W York's

DATE: 21/3/98

MESSAGE: Just coming round from a top night at the Ritz in Brighouse, found club.......having a wonderful time wandering down memory lane. Oh well, more memories to be made at Halifax Metro next Friday and Lawton (fantastic venue) the week after.


NAME: John Harwood


PLACE: Lowton nr Warrington UK

DATE: 18 March 1998

MESSAGE: Hi Mick, Your allnighter is great. I used to go to Wigan, Blackpool Mecca, Samantha’s at Sheffield, VaVa’s at Bolton, and the Casino and the Oval ball club at Leigh. You could say that 1972 to 1976 was a bit of a blur. It would be nice to see a few of the old mates visiting your guest book, but I haven’t seen anyone I know yet. Suppose I’ll just keep on lookin. Wiliams & Watson for ever. – Keep the Faith.
PS: I went to the ISC Soul Festival at the Queens hall tram shed. It was superb. Regards John Harwood


NAME: Silke


PLACE: Frankfurt/Germany

DATE: Friday the _13th_ March !!!

MESSAGE: Hey Mick, sorry that i haven't send you a report of our weekender last Year in Nuernberg/Germany, but i was very busy the last months. The date for our weekender this year is : 11th - 13th December 1998, i hope to see you there....or on the Cleethorpes-Weekender in June.. We ll be there ;-) Your Side is getting better and better, very great....


NAME: Dean Farrell


PLACE: Newington, Connecticut, USA

DATE: March 8, 1998

MESSAGE: I host a 1960s-
based soul show on college radio in eastern Connecticut. While many people profess to love the music I play, no one I talk to actually KNOWS anything about it. Thank god for the Internet, where I can find brother and sister soulies to chat with.


NAME: Silke


PLACE: Frankfurt/Germany

DATE: Friday the _13th_ March !!!

MESSAGE: Hey Mick, sorry that I haven't sent you a report of our weekender last Year in Nuernberg/Germany, but I was very busy the last months. The date for our weekender this year is : 11th - 13th December 1998, I hope to see you there....or on the Cleethorpes-Weekender in June…..We'll be there. Your Site is getting better and better, very great....


NAME: Jason H. Thornton


PLACE: Baltimore, MD USA

DATE: 3/12/98

MESSAGE: My name is Jason and I am a true Northern fanatic. I'm 26 years old and from Wheeling, West Virginia originally. I have been collecting records since 1978 since the age of 6. I have been through many different styles of music throughout my life, but nothing satisfies me more than Northern. I have been listening to Northern Soul all my life, but didn't recognize it until 1991. I listened to Northern records to see what the common thread was in terms of sound. Now that I've been listening for so many years, I discover my own Northern newies. In 1984 I became a skilled hip hop/house DJ. I then took my mixing to a new level by blending and cutting northern records. In Baltimore, we have a night once a month in Club Midnite. I do my northern soul mixes to a sometimes packed dance floor. Now that I live in Baltimore, I actually meet people with my interest. Goldmine CD's have also been a great help. But I must say that your site and others like it are long overdue! When I lived in West Virginia, I had no connection with the Northern Soul community for years-now I do-and I'm very happy. Thanks for bringing me home, Mick!
Best Personal Regards, Jason H. Thornton.
P.S. I welcome all e-mail from other soul fans. I have a lot of record collecting under my belt, and I could be a good source of information.


NAME: Fernan Munoz Cortes


PLACE: Valencia, Spain

DATE: 12-3-98

MESSAGE: Mmmmm, very nice web about all my favourite things like Northen Soul, Photos, Videos and much more. Best Regards and the web must go on!.


NAME: Dean Farrell


PLACE: Newington, Connecticut, USA

DATE: March 8, 1998

MESSAGE: I host a 1960s-based soul show on college radio in eastern Connecticut. While many people profess to love the music I play, no one I talk to actually KNOWS anything about it. Thank god for the Internet, where I can find brother and sister Soulies to chat with.


NAME: Shane Cosgrove


PLACE: Manila Philippines

DATE: February 28th 1998

MESSAGE: Great club, the Wigan Casino of the internet!!!. We have a Northern Night out here in Manila Philippines, would like to hear from anyone based in South East Asia .


NAME: Robert Brady

EMAIL: Robert.Brady@GECM.COM

PLACE: Westlake Village California

DATE: February 26. 98

MESSAGE: Just joined up on the AOL quick chat line Mick has got us going with, my screen name being LA2SOULU. Looking forward to seeing how this one works!! Anyone got a copy of Scotts on Swingers the old SOS song on a Ric Tic demo, I would be interested in buying it. This web site is great I have heard from two old Soul mates from the 70's in the past week from Australia and here I am living in LA for the past 18 years.! Small soulful world out there using this web.


NAME: John Cartlidge


PLACE: Stoke-on-Trent

DATE: 21 Feb 98

MESSAGE: What a cool site, this is what the Internet should be used for. Old buggers like us reminiscing. Keep on Keepin' on.........


NAME: Rachel Harman


PLACE: Newport,S.Wales

DATE: 11 Feb 98

MESSAGE: hello I am a photography student studying my final year at university. I have been making portraits of various d.js and dancers. To go with the photos I'm looking for SNAPSHOTS to compliment my own work. If you could send ant reproductions to help me that would be GREAT. Drop me a line soon!!


NAME: Robert Brady

EMAIL: Robert.Brady@GECM.COM

PLACE: Westlake Village California. USA

DATE: 2 Feb 98

MESSAGE: It looks like I will be in North London on Business in Mid February for just over a week and I was wondering if anything is going on around that area I could visit soul wise.. Don't forget to look out for the second Northern Soul night being held here in Long Beach on Saturday 14th. There should be some great sounds being played. I have even been asked to dust off my old record box and spin a few myself. So it looks like it will be a fun night, and a big thanks to Nancy for putting all of the LA soul scene together..


NAME: Mick

EMAIL: ralston@nildram

PLACE: Birmingham

DATE: 30 Jan 98

MESSAGE: keep it up and if any one has details of local things in my area please email me


NAME: Steve Amison


PLACE: Stoke On Trent

DATE: 24 Jan 98

MESSAGE: Hello to all Northern Soul fans around the world. It's amazing what you can find on the "Net". So much for them back in the 70's who NS was just another fad!!!, Well tonight I'm off to Blackburn King George's Hall as Keith Minshull has organised a coach trip.
Keep The Faith, , Steve Amison


NAME: Dave Gilman a.k.a."Gilly"


PLACE: Plymouth now--originally W.Midlands.

DATE: 22 Jan 98

MESSAGE: Great site Mick keep up the good work, yeah I'm a Soul Oldie 40 club, but it never dies once it's with ya!, ex-:Wigan-Catacombs and various, niters/dayers I even took my records to sea when I was in the Navy, still collect those 45s. Anyone remember "LEEDS QUEEN, HALL SOUL FESTIVAL 70s"??, Major Lance, J.J. B, Exciters, keep-the-faith, PER-SO-NAL- LY I think it's one, of the best. Okeh?


NAME: Bill McLester, YANK


PLACE: Jacksonville Florida

DATE: 21 Jan 98

MESSAGE: Hi, I use to live in Wigan 72-79, Frequented the Casino, Blackpool Mecca, Manchester Ritz, Stubshaw Labor Club, Newton-le-willow cricket club, Newton conservative club etc.. Glad to see Northern Soul is alive and Kicking. Keep the Faith!!!! Formerly known as Yank at the Casino.


NAME: Dave


PLACE: Whitley Bay

DATE: 7 Jan 98

MESSAGE: I WON!! Can't wait to hear the CD. Many years ago I used to DJ at a club called Chambers in sunny Rochdale (under the town hall). Northern Soul every Wed and Sat to a full house, I would be thrilled to hear from who used to visit. Anybody remember the Cats Whiskers in Burnley? Dave.


NAME: Mick Taylor


PLACE: Brampton Canada

DATE: 3 Jan 97

MESSAGE: Your site has improved greatly!. I don't know if this is the right place, but here is my requests for the allnighter from my time 66-68. Stevie Wonder, Love a go-go. Willie Mitchell, That driving beat. King Mojo, What's wrong with me baby. Invitations, Girls are out to get you. Darrell Barnes our, love is in the pocket.


NAME: Michele Boeri


PLACE: Italy

DATE: 3 Jan 98

MESSAGE: Hi, I had a good time surfing through your page. I'm an Italian soul enthusiast, we are desperately trying to start an Italian soul scene in Milano. I'll let you know how it develops. We have a fanzine called 'LA PELLE NERA' maybe you will be interested in it even though it is in Italian. Cheers Mick.


NAME: Steve Amison


PLACE: Stoke on Trent

MESSAGE: 3rd Friday of every month Wyche Anglers Club, Nantwich Cheshire. Good night average attendance 200-300. Good mixture of sounds old & new.


NAME: Alun Bell


PLACE: Canada

DATE: 28 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Finding this site and others like minded has really re-sparked my interest in the scene. I grew up in Preston, Lancashire in the 60's and 70's. My daughters laugh when I demonstrate my dancing technique...hey, maybe I should write my story...Any way I'm looking forward to the allnighter. Mick please keep on Keepin' on - it's a real humdinger, you busted my mind etc, etc!!!


NAME: Steve Carter


PLACE: Dorset

MESSAGE: Just downloaded your test for the niter my what a handsome man you are!!! excellent stuff as always.


NAME: Rick Yeoman's


PLACE: Monchengladbach

DATE: 26 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Hi Mick, we met at Ian's BBQ. Brill site. I like computers but not N soul. Site is still inspirational.


NAME: Colin Wood


PLACE: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

DATE: 17 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Like the new look site Mick. Looking forward to the allnighter, keep up the good work.


NAME: Colin Roughley


PLACE: Florida, USA

DATE: 15 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Bloody brilliant Mick. Some cracking stuff on the site. Like the stories, brings back happy memories. You're dead right about the Glitter Band - Makes you blind. it did get played, it was an instrumental thing.


NAME: Steve Rowe


PLACE: West Yorkshire

DATE: 11 Dec 97

MESSAGE: I'm new to computers but not the soul scene. Fantastic that you can visit sites like this. Keep the faith and thanks.


NAME: Michael Robinson



DATE: 11 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Nice site keep up the goodwork!


NAME: Theresa Morrissey


PLACE: London

DATE: 11 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Our fave niters at present: Cleethorpes Weekenders, Uptown Down South-Newbury, 100 Club-London, Keele University-Staffs, Ritz-Manchester, Leave a comment if you'd like more info or details of appropriate mailing lists/magazines. Keep the Faith.


NAME: Mike McGannon


PLACE: Bishop Auckland UK

DATE: 10 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Collected soul since the 70's nice to see it on the WWW try Bishop Auckland soul nites if you can. FEEP THE FAITH.


NAME: Steve Daws


PLACE: East London

DATE: 10 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Please let me know of events in the London area.


NAME: Barry Willmore


PLACE: Farnham, Surrey, UK

DATE: 10 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Great site! keep up the good work.


NAME: Steve Morris



DATE: 10 Dec 97



NAME: aka pippa999


PLACE: Newcastle upon Tyne

DATE: 9 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Used to go to the Eldon Square disco where they always played Northern Soul 78-81. Would like to find somewhere in my area that still plays Northern Soul, where's the party? Thank you GG for sending me this site XX.


NAME: Silke


PLACE: Frankfurt Germany

DATE: 8 Dec 97

MESSAGE: The review for the 5th TYHU-Weekender in Nuernburg follows as soon as possible. Keep the Faith, Silke.


NAME: Robert Brady

EMAIL: Robert.Brady@GECM.COM

PLACE: West Village Lake California

DATE 8 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Mick, Nice guest book and web site for Northern Soul. Having fun after all these years looking at the current scene in the UK and all over the world. Quite different from the early 70's. Still it is good to see the scene is alive and well after all these years. I hope you liked my story I sent regarding the recent all nighter here in LA.


NAME: J Russell


PLACE: England

DATE: 8 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Hi everyone!


NAME: Rob Ruzanic



DATE: 8 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Class page! I'm still working on my story. I'll send it soon...excited to hear about the allnighter, Where can I get soul shirts and patches??? Keep da Faith.


NAME: Russ Hunt


PLACE: Birmingham England

DATE: 7 Dec 97

MESSAGE: A very recent convert with just one allnighter under my belt. But on the hunt to up the score.


NAME: Darren Shaw


PLACE: Australia

DATE: 6 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Good to see people all over world are still into Northern Soul


NAME: Ian Flipp


PLACE: Next door!

DATE: 5 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Very nice. Wish my wife was as understanding!!


NAME: Nina


PLACE: Barcelona Spain

DATE: 4 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Hi Mick, Your web looks fine to for me...The browser doesn't take to much time to download it. By the way your site is one of the best. Always happy to see Northern Soul gets what it deserves, thanks to people like you. Keep on like this. Intrigued to see the allnighter. Best regards. Nina.


NAME: George Rouse


PLACE: Cumbria UK

DATE: 4 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Collected 60's imports since Casino days in 77, always on the look out for new stuff. Try Bishop Auckland Soul Nites they're well worth a visit.


NAME: Dave


PLACE: Ex Manchester now Whitley Bay

DATE: 4 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Great page. Reminds me of my first time at the wheel (more years ago than I care to remember), scary but more than pleasant. Anybody remember the Chambers club under the town hall in Rochdale?? Keep up the good work!!


NAME: Tommy C.


PLACE: Newcastle upon Tyne

DATE: 4 Dec 97

MESSAGE: What a fine page!! Keep it up! Love the soul, love the vibe.


NAME: John Arnold


PLACE: New York

DATE: 4 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Just trying to keep up with the scene since I moved to New York.


NAME: Steve August



DATE: 3 Dec 97

MESSAGE: Harrington jackets are available at Sherry's or the Merc Carnaby Street. This is a great site, good to see someone with a passion for soul to do this. Keep on keeping on.


NAME: Jared Hamaguchi



DATE: 30 Nov 97

MESSAGE: Greetings, Just doin a little research on the culture of Northern soul today and historically. If there's any info you can pass on please mail me. Much appreciation. PS: the site looke good on Netscape 4.0


NAME: Kirsty Fitzpatrick


PLACE: Germany

DATE: 26 Nov 97

MESSAGE: I think this is one of the best Northern Soul sites I've seen because my dad made it!!

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